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Chuck's Free software

These are all programs for Win 95+.


The following software is free to use. If you distribute it you must include all original files in the archive. If this software appears on a compilation CD, the charge must not be more than $30 USD, and I must be notified before the CD is released.

The author retains all copyrights to this software. This software comes as-is with no guarentees, explicit or implied. By using the software you agree to its terms, and I am not liable for any damage caused to your other software, computer hardware, your sanity, your cat, or your pet gerbil.

The software was built with Delphi 6pe.

Report bugs to here and include your OS name and version, and program name and version.

Eddie v0.2: RTF and TXT editor
July 2002


  • Cut, copy, paste
  • Sort selected text
  • Indent, bullet list, font name, color, size, styles
  • Define a style and use it via a custom ALT-key. (The only free RTF editor with this feature!)
  • Save RTF as text.
  • Insert a file at the cursor.
  • Print preview
  • Autosave
  • Edit RTF or text files.
Download it here. (424k)
Timetrack v1.0: click a button to start a timer for up to 7 projects and report total time on each project for any date range.
July 2002
  • Customize 7 project names.
  • Summarize time spent for each project on any date range.
Download it here. (455k)

Makeclass v1.2
Sep 2002
Aid to making classes in Delphi. Features:

  • You enter constants, types, properties, methods, and private variables, and it generates the class file for you, including creating all routines for getting and setting properties.
Download (474k)

Created on ... July 24, 2002