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Free web site providers

Updated: 1-8-04


- Banners? This column will now sometimes have the type of banner ads. Types are: inline: on your webpage at the top or bottom; popup: pops up over your webpage, you must manually click your browser to see your page again; popunder: pops under your main browser window so you don't have to switch back to your site.

- MB/Month
Transfer amount per month. U=unlimited, other numbers are in MB. Blank means I don't know the limit.

- Connect/tries
This is how many times I actually connected to the site wieth a browser divided by the number of tries. It is only of light interest, since there are many factors that can explain why I could not reach a server on a certain day.

Green background = Editor's Pick. (Background may not be visible in IE.)

- Extras

Cost/mo Banners? FTP? MB space MB/ month Connect/ tries Extras (zero Catch)
$0 Y inline Y 100MB 3000 1/1 MB, CTR, GB, free stats and site tools
$0/ $6.95 Y/N Y 100MB 20MB/day Email, Chat, IM, CTR
$0 Y Y 20MB 512MB Site builder, statistics
Paid version is $69.50/year with no daily limit, 3GB/month transfer, no ads. More features: Financial tickers, affiliate program, utils to create and promote your site, much more.
$0 Y inline Y 100MB 600MB/month 20mb/day GB, Chat, MB, hit counter, mini polls, users login to your site.
$0 n n 30MB 500MB mysql. They also run a Codebank. No email on free account. $0 YES YES U WAP, PHP, Perl, SSI, Mysql. Cost/mo Banners? FTP? MB space MB/ month Connect/ tries Extras
Dot easy
Get your own domain. Domain costs $25/yr, $45/2 yr, etc. Setup fee: $35. Free, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited FTP, POP & web-based email access, email forwarding and email auto-responder.
$0 N Y 20MB
Max file size 200k.
$0/ $6.50 N 50MB U Free GB, chat board, form email, templates, subdomain (like, SS.
File size limited to 1.5mb.
$0 Y Y 25MB 1000MB
Plus templates, html file uploads, web-based email account. No banners for $4.99/mo.
$0/4.99 Y/N Y 20MB U SS, MB
File size limited to 300k.
$0 Y Y 60MB U Free POP email.
Could not find contact email. (Associated with
$0 Y N 12 500MB 1/1 CTR, GB, form email, site copier, more.
$0 Y 12MB 512MB 1/1 GB, CTR, form email, website tools.
Free sites network
Host your domain for free. Free subdomains. Free web-based email. It will display adult ads.
$0 Y U U
Freewebz yourname
You can upload a zip file of a whole web site and unzip it on their server.
$0 N Y 100 500MB 1/1 Chat, MB, graphics library, CTR, search, Form Builder, Form Mailer, CGI, Perl. Fast server.
Host Ultra
Hosts domains and subdomains. Allowed files: .html .htm .txt .jpg .jpeg .gif .mpg .mpeg .avi .mp3 .wav .swf .zip .cab .js .exe. Free file hosting: no bandwidth limit, no filesize limit, FTP.
$0 or $5/mo Y popup or banner U U PHP, CGI, Mysql
Internet Trash
Also publish via email. Their page says no ads. Third-party database says they show ads. Homepage mover wizard. Since 1998. (Jul 2002: people are complaining that IT has abandoned the site. No new users accepted. FTP doesn't work.)
$0 n Y 20MB POP, email, MB, forum. Server a little slow, but ok.
For free trial: filesize limited to 250k.
$0 popunder Y 50MB Domain hosting, SSI, CTR, Form email, GB.
Website stalled for me using Mozilla. Couldn't get past the first page. Jul 2002: This site appears dead.
$0 N U U
You must own a domain first.
$0 N Y 50 U Unlimited email aliases, web site stats.
$0 popup Y 12MB CTR, GB.
Netcolony category/yourname
Activity on message boards is few and far between. Hmm...
$0 Y N 25MB U Email, GB, MB
Filesize limited to 256k.
$0 Y Y popup or banner 25MB 1000MB Upload via FTP only. Frontpage, full CGI (Perl),
One positive thing here is they will probably stay in business longer than the other free hosts. Can't upload a modified file without deleting the old one first.
$0 inline Y 20MB CTR
Daily bandwidth limit is 10mb. Feb 2003 Site appears down indefinitely.
$0 none Y 20MB 10mb/day 300mb/mo ~yourname/
A little slow. If you don't pay $20/yr you get a popup asking you if you want to make this your home page, every time.
$0 inline Y 20/ Unlimited 5GB 2/2 Income from banner click throughs. Own CGI-BIN, free PHP and Mysql.
Some complain their free accounts disappear every few weeks.
$0 Y You choose inline or popup Y 150MB 600 2/2 GB, MB, SS, Form mail, CTR, fast server
Web1000 $0 n
$0 Y n 15MB 3GB




Low-cost providers

Cost/mo Banners? FTP? MB space MB/ month Connect/ tries Extras
You must register your own domain for $15 plus $25 per year, or transfer an existing domain for $35 one time fee.
$25/yr N Y 20MB U
Perpetual hosting
Other plans available.
$5 NO YES 100MB 1000MB Free PHP4, CGI, Perl5, Mysql, Flash, Shockwave, Server side includes.
Ipowerweb $7.95 N Y 60
Frontpage extensions, SSL, Mysql, PHP4. Free setup.
$7.77 200MB 12GB
Hosts zip and picture files only. No html.
FREE no no MB GB FREE no no 15MB 100MB

Free pop Email

This list is for ISPs which provide a POP server from which to retrieve email messages using a PC program.