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Updated: 6/12/2004
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Image processor can add many effects, like wind, sketch, more. Read and write GIF and many more. Also makes slideshows and thumbnails. Contains ads. [Report a dead link]

3D Gif Animator , 4,300kb , Rating: 3
Design animated logos, banners, buttons easily. Save as gif, avi, or series of jpg or bmp.

Review: Has features like shadow, opacity, lightening, rotation, motion, extrusion, texture. Good program but with some bugs that may crash the program or your PC. [Report a dead link]

3D Web Buttons
Create 3D web buttons. Plus create them with rollover effects. [Report a dead link]

Aquarium saver NEW
Free photographic, animated aquarium screensaver. [Report a dead link]

Aros Fractals , 165kb
Hi-res fractal image generation. [Report a dead link]

Banner Generator
A web site that lets you create your own static banners. Lots of options like font, color, etc. [Report a dead link]

Banner Studio
Create animated or static banners. [Report a dead link]

Morphing program. [Report a dead link]

Bumper 3 is a tool to organize small 16x16 bitmaps as used on toolbar buttons and menus. You can combine hunderds of images in one collection, saving megabytes of disc space. Grab all bitmaps in a directory just by selecting the directory. You can view, combine, extract and edit collections. Bumper includes an integral Bitmap Editor, a help file, the Bumper16 Collection with nearly 1000 glyphs and the Bumper24 collection; Support for 24x24 and 32x32 bitmaps . NEW: rotate and flip in Bitmap Editor. [Report a dead link]

Button Artist , 318kb
Easily create buttons for any application, like ads, web pages, etc. [Report a dead link]

Button Mania , 1,580kb
Simple program to create buttons. [Report a dead link]

Buttonz , 2,700kb , Rating: 5, Editor's Pick
The user has total control of shape, size, lighting, bevels and many other design elements. Textures, bitmap images or a gradient can also be used in button creation. This is an EXCELLENT program and I recommend it for anyone. It also comes with a program called Tilez which makes seamless textures. Has a Smart JPG save which allows you to adjust the quality (lower quality= higher compression) and preview the compressed JPG image before saving it. [Report a dead link]

Take screen shots at any color depth and resolution. [Report a dead link]

On online (Java?) picture generator. Generates more texture looking pictures with fractal properties. [Report a dead link]

Freeware fractal generator. It creates 3d images from a 2d fractal. [Report a dead link]

Citylights , 311kb
Makes 3d text with a lot of fx. Pw: 516pm. [Report a dead link]

DeKnop 3.5.1 , Editor's Pick
Generates buttons for your web page. Great options for fonts, colors, gradients, textures. But only square or rectangular buttons. [Report a dead link]

Make all kinds of diagrams, flow charts, UML, etc. Create new shapes using a subset of SVG. For Linux (GTK+) and Windows. [Report a dead link]

Diagrams is a program to draw diagrams. FEATURES: sticky shape connectors (single and multiple segment) ; custom shape data (name-value pairs); printing with preview; predefined shapes for: Flow, UML, digital and process diagrams; user-defined shapes with visual shape designer; scripted html reports on custom shape data. [Report a dead link]

Digital Camera Enhancer
Automatically enhances and sharpens images from DCs. [Report a dead link]

Dofo Zon Elite
Another fractal generator. [Report a dead link]

Dogwaffle , 10,900kb , Editor's Pick
Very good paint program used to paint with textures and organic shapes. Over 80 filters. Occasional bugs. Does not read or write GIF. Also at [Report a dead link]

Double Fractal
[Report a dead link]

Drawme , 355kb
Drawing program good for making flow charts, org charts, and similar things. [Report a dead link] drawme.htm

Dupe locator , 180kb
Finds duplicate pics in dirs and subdirs. [Report a dead link]

Very good full-featured paint program. [Report a dead link]

Eve 3.53 , 92kb , Editor's Pick
Vector graphics editor. Useful for making flowcharts, line drawings, org charts, etc. Only 74k! Symbol libraries available. Also exports to SVG. Also try [Report a dead link]

Fast Floating Fractal Fun [Report a dead link]

Font Magic , 1,800kb
Make your own banners and headers with this 3d font program.

Review: right away I can see this has lots of features like making animated BMPs or static BMPs. It will create a bitmap using any font on your system including graphic fonts like dingbats. Surfaces can also have textures (many are supplied).

Pros: any font changes are immediately visible in the preview window. Has gradients for background. Has controls for shine, ambient, diffuse, specular. Has an automatic setting to rotate the text around any axis, but creates multiple BMPs to do it. You then need to combine them yourself to get an animated GIF.

Cons: FM requires OpenGL to be installed. Help file buttons did not work. When I changed a font the program did not recenter my text, although I could drag it with my mouse in the preview window. Saves image as BMP not GIF. Animated images are multiple BMPs. [Report a dead link]

Fractal Forge
Fast fractal generator. Nice gradient editor. [Report a dead link]

Fractal Vizion 1.21e
[Report a dead link]

Fractint , 879kb
DOS. Popular freeware fractal generator with tons of options. It does create 3d landscapes using the color to determine the height of the point. Also at Winfract at [Report a dead link]

Gif animator
Win 9x, FREE. Collects and animates GIF files, but does not create them. [Report a dead link]

Gif Designer , 1,500kb
This is supposed to be a freeware GIF banner maker that makes animated GIFs with controls for motion, opacity, 3d text, and more. [Report a dead link]

GIMP image manipulation program. Good features but not for beginners. [Report a dead link]

Create gradient images. Use up to 3 colors and a specified shape (ellipse, square, plain, etc.). Save as BMP. [Report a dead link]

Graphics workshop , gwsw95.exe, 3,548kb
Win95. Graphics Workshop. Basic picture processor. No editing tools. But it has effects, contrast/brightness controls. Try major shareware sites, like [Report a dead link]

Grids , 1,300kb
FREE. Draw flow charts, schematics, electrical diagrams, simple floor plans and drawings, and more with a library of symbols. by David Lambert. The documents created with Grids can be managed like folders, each folio composed of several pages. It can be used for networks schemes, electrical schemes, databases conception, flood charts, guitar tabs and grids (for guitarists of course) and also calendars. [Report a dead link]

I.mage , 345kb
Drawing program supports TT Fonts, shapes, other bitmap functions.

BUGS: If you change colors, the message text will not change to current foreground color. [Report a dead link]

Image Analyzer , 654kb
Photo effects, including sharpening blurred photos. [Report a dead link]

Image Forge Basic , im_fw, 3,000kb , Rating: 3
W9x, FREE. Graphics program supports all major formats except GIF. Difficult to use. Commands do not follow typical Windows format commands. [Report a dead link]

Image Magick
Open source imaging software. Image processing operations are available from the command line, as well as through C, C++, Perl, or Java programming interfaces. Uses X windows on unix workstations. [Report a dead link]

Generates nice pictures using genetic algorithms. [Report a dead link]

Irfanview , 900kb , Rating: 5
Very good image viewer and convertor. You can also paste in screen captures. Do alt-printscreen for current app window, control-printscreen for whole desktop. Then paste into Irfanview. Views many file formats, plus has a batch function to convert files to different formats. Has resize, color depth change, slideshow, thumbnail preview, more. Also views animated GIFs, files with multiple ICOns, multipage TIFFs. Alternate sites:, [Report a dead link]

Kaos Rhei , 500kb
Kaos Rhei is a program for rendering fractal images which can be used in as stand-alone images, textures or bump maps for 3D rendering. It currently supports more than a dozen different fractal types, including M-Sets, N-Sets and N/M-Sets. A unique formula parser gives you full control over the coloring of the fractals, either using a preset 256-color palette, or applying different formulas to RGB or HLS color space. Image size is only limited by the available memory. Additional features include integration of plasma clouds, several filters, and various fractal options such as inverted fractals.

Minimun requirements are 8 MB RAM, a Pentium processor (or a comparable with FPU), and High Color or True Color display. [Report a dead link]

Log Paper , 159kb
Print log or linear graph paper. [Report a dead link]

Molip Draw , 2,250kb
Another drawing program. Good for creating flowcharts, diagrams, hierarchies, etc. [Report a dead link]

Movies 12 , 414kb
Movies 12 is a GIF-Animator with 98 animation wizards including text and actor wizards. Edit existing animations, create new from imported images or from images created with integrated Movies Draw. Features: GIF explorer, GIF optimizer, quick backgrounds, smart shape (100 shapes with 25 gradient fills, rotated text etc.), animate selected frames; 3 free floating actors for creating cartoons; actor and text wizards;actor paths; AVI to GIF and GIF to AVI converters. Still a little buggy. Transitions don't work. Good features, but bugs detract from usefulness. [Report a dead link]

Free GL drivers. [Report a dead link]

Oriens Enhancer , 11,000kb
Reads 60+ graphic formats, writes 20+ formats.
# Arrays of Filters, Effects and Artistic Colorizing options
# Adjust size, canvas, rotate, flip, crop, resample, anti-alias, morphing, transparency etc.
# Support for multiple Image Documents
# Support for Animated GIF and extraction of all Frames
# Image Preview in Open Dialog Box
# Easy Browser Box for easy location of your images files with preview
# Panoramic View for easy navigation
# Internal Areas for 10 Clips (Clip History)
# Textures Tools to give a texture view of the image
# Text applier Tool With layers
# Thumbnail Browsers with full customization of Size
# Oriens Utilities Project - Save group of image Files in a single compressed format for future use and reference
# Generate Screensaver from group of image files (any formats) or from Oriens utilities Project (OUP)
# Generate Slide from group of image files (any formats) or from OUP file.
# Generate AVI video from group of image files with custom resolution (any formats).
# Generate Image Executable with effects
# Generate and save thumbnail(s) in one click (Batch Processing)
# Batch Conversion of Images (one format to another)
# Extract Icons/Images from EXE/DLL/FRX/CTX/CDX,CDO,PGX
# Convert ASCII files (html, txt, css) to PDF on the fly
# Full buffer region for UNDO/REDO actions (upto 100 Levels)
# Context Menus driven
# Drawing Tools - Selection, Brush, Airbrush, Fill, Stamp Applier, Gradient Applier, Shapes, Color Picker, pencil etc.
# User Friendly tools and Interfaces
# Generate Image Map for use in web
# Optimize Save Options for Popular Image Formats [Report a dead link]

Palette Editor II
Supports VGA, Photoshop or custom palette formats. Adjustments like brightness, contrast, and gamma correction. Optimizing for 24-bit bitmaps. Optimizing for custom gradient fog/lighting. [Report a dead link]

Palette Lab
Edit 24-bit palettes. [Report a dead link]

Palette editor which makes ACT, PAL, ACO or TXT palette files. Not to be confused with Pedit DOS text editor. [Report a dead link]

Photo Plus
Good freeware image touch-up tool. Supports many image formats but GIF and TIF format support must be purchased for $1 US. Also at [Report a dead link]

Picmaster , Rating: 4, Editor's Pick
Freeware paint program. Image Editing, Filtering, WebCam, Slide Shows, 3D Stereoscopic Images, Video Image Capturing, Scanning, Catalogs, Screenshots, Poster Printing and much more. Create your own filters. Preview picture before opening. Opens JPG, BMP, PCX, PNG, TIFF, GIF and more. Preview image quality before saving. Thumbnail image browser. Preview filters before applying them. Print pic with custom size and image placement on the paper. Add sound comments to each picture, then make a multimedia slide show! Create photo albums from your pics. You can even save your slide show as a screen saver, as a self running cd or as a website for the Internet. Uses Photoshop plugins. Create steroscopic images (used with red-green glasses). Record videos with a webcam or video card. Capture video frames. Capture pictures with a webcam and it sends the picture to your website! Print same pic many times on same sheet of paper. Prints as a multi-sheet poster. Write your own filters. Saved batch commands allow you to do the same operation on multiple files. Draw on the pic or insert text. Color chooser supports several color models. Uses thousands of free Photoshop filters. Repeat operations on a photo with scripting.

Their web page has a large list of plugin links. [Report a dead link]

Gets text out of JPG, GIF images. [Report a dead link]

Pixia , 5,000kb , Editor's Pick
A popular Japanese paint program now in English. Lots of fx! Wow! Unlimited layers. Max size: 10240x10240. Supports textures. Many brush types, brushes resizable by dragging a corner of them. Does not support loading/saving GIF. Supports JPG, BMP, DIB, PNG, EPS, ICO, PXA, RGB, TIF. [Report a dead link]

Planet generator
Generates a fractal planet-sized landscape and you can zoom in on it, or display it flat. [Report a dead link]

Shaping , 323kb
A vector drawing program for drawing symbols. Allows you to create user-defined symbols. [Report a dead link]

FREE code for paint program. Requires VB5+ because you must compile it. For Win 9x. [Report a dead link] asp?lngWId=1&txtCodeId=9951

Text Effects , 584kb
Create fancy text, in 3d, gradients, shadows, rotated text, and more. Looks quite good! [Report a dead link]

Ultimate Paint Freeware , 1,918kb
A freeware paint program. [Report a dead link]

Ultra Fractal , 3,879kb
Exported images are marked as being written with an eval copy of the program. Also at [Report a dead link]

Unfreez , 19kb
GIF animator takes multiple GIF files and makes one animated GIF. [Report a dead link]

Vicman's Photo Editor , 1,392kb
Which has an attractive and intuitive skin-based interface and a lot of powerful features, such as: selection by color, lasso, replacement of colour, deleting of objects, unique primitivization mechanism (visual tolerance), which saves alot of time on operations with multicolored images, various paintbrushes and pencils, text, gradient etc... It works with more than 30(!) image formats. It has a rich set of special effects AND the possibility of the user creating others! Also you can edit in ANY scale with SIMULTANEOUS review of the entire picture and open several pictures at the same time.

Not really freeware, but it has a lot of features anyway and no nag screens. Unregistered version does not save as GIF, but loads a GIF. [Report a dead link]

Visons of Chaos , 3,750kb
Makes fractals, cellular automata, attractors, and other chaotic pictures. Requires OpenGL. Program modes supported are One Dimensional Cellular Automata, One Dimensional Totalistic Cellular Automata, Two Dimensional Cellular Automata, Two Dimensional Cyclic Cellular Automata, 3D Cellular Automata, Ant Automaton, Attractors, Cascade One Dimensional Cellular Automata, Circle Fractal, Complex Fractals, Diffusion-Limited Aggregation, Digital Inkblot Cellular Automata, Escape Fractals, Feigenbaum Diagram, Flame, Flies, Forest Fire, Genetic Art, Genetic Bugs, Genetic Bugs 2, Graphical Iteration, Gravity Simulation, Iterated Function Systems, Julia Set, Light Gravity Simulation, L-Systems, Lorenz Water Wheel, Lyapunov Fractals, Magnetic Pendulum, Mandelbrot Set, Next Nearest Neighbour Cellular Automata, Plasma Clouds, Quaternion Julia Set, Reaction-Diffusion, Recursive Lattice, Sierpinski Triangle, Tiled Cellular Automata, Vertical Diffusion-Limited Aggregation, Wa-Tor and WarBots. Also makes fractal music. [Report a dead link]

Visual Thought
A professional diagramming tool which was abandoned by its author. License key: 0356 9674 3262 8895 9914 96 [Report a dead link]

GIMP for windows. [Report a dead link]

Zoner Draw 3 , 8,850kb , Editor's Pick
Lots of features, like MS Publisher. Looks like a good program. Might be able to process images to embroidery formats using an outline function. You then use your embroidery software to fill in the colors in the lines. [Report a dead link]

Zpaint ,, 286kb
Win 9x, FREE. Very good program to create 3D blank buttons, rings, boxes for websites. Many options. [Report a dead link]