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Updated: 6-15-04


Jan 8, 2004. We now accept donations via Paypal.
If you think this service has been useful for you, please consider a donation to help keep this site up. Suggested donations are $1 to $5. (Minimum is $1.) I use Paypal. After all, this site has been up since 1996.

Aug 28, 2003. Mirrors for Freezone are now listed in the first screen of the Freezone page. See the right hand pane. Most mirrors updated today. New mirror at

Apr 22, 2003. Mirror at is back up.

Feb 5, 2003. The mirror at seems to be down indefinitely.

Aug 25, 2002. New mirror at Geocities.

Aug 15, 2002. Link to my JVCL controls demo. Download (504k)

Jun 10, 2002. NEW Guestmap feature. Mark on the map where you live and see where other visitors are. If you don't mind, could you put your city in the comments? Javascript required.

May 12, 2002. I think I fixed the issue with Mozilla. Mozilla users should now see the page correctly.

May 7, 2002. I have been using Mozilla 1.0rc1 and noticed that sometimes this page doesn't display correctly when it is first loaded. Sometimes it displays correctly if you click reload, sometimes not. This seems to be a problem with Mozilla.

Mar 19, 2002. Bravenet is having some trouble with sites loading. If the Freezone link doesn't work, try again tomorrow.

My stuff:

  • Freezone Freeware - 1300+ freeware programs. No nagware, shareware, demoware, or expireware. Tables comparing different: text editors. (Now in frames for lower bandwidth usage.) Newest files listed here. Get the freeware list as a zip file here (~350k, Apr 19, 2004).
  • Free Delphi components
  • My own freeware I wrote

  • List of free web page providers - shows if they require banners, if they support FTP, disk space allowed, monthly bandwidth allowed, and more.
  • Survival tips - for the forest or at home when the power goes out.
  • CDR software - for copying CDs, ripping, listing contents, and more.
  • Free development tools - INF generators, installers, editors, more.
  • FREE Raytracing software for Windows - lots of stuff here, like modellers, raytracers, conversion programs, object generators. Mostly POV-compatible stuff.

  • UnrealEd 2 notes - contains hints, tips, and howto's for the UnrealEd 2 editor. Also an object and class reference. 35k RTF file zipped. Unreal levels and Quake utils.

  • Editq editor - Mar 19, 2004. text editor with find text; insert file; sort text; join lines; text clips where you can insert the selected text or clipboard text; counts time for editing a document; special HTML commands also.
If you don't mind, could you put your city in the comments?

Want to recycle batteries? Go to to find the location nearest you in the US and Canada. (This includes notebook batteries, which are usually rechargable.) Rechargable batteries include: NiCad, Lithium Ion, Zinc-air, NiMH. They are found in cordless tools, computer laptops, and various alkaline sizes (AA, AAA, C, D), cordless phones, cell phones, radio-controlled toys, anything that uses button batteries (watches, calculators, hearing aids).

If the battery doesn't say "rechargable" on it, then it is probably an alkaline battery. However, some companies have made alkaline rechargable batteries.

[The buttons above made by Buttonz. See Freezone Freeware, Graphics section.]